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2018 Newsletters

The Good News is published twice a month--a monthly newsletter at the beginning of the month (or end of the previous month as dictated by the calendar) and a mid-month newsletter published in the middle of the month (again exact date as dictated by the calendar). Each version is in a slightly different format, following our previously established styles. If you would like to get our newsletter sent directly to your email address, call the church secretary at 903-886-3783 during office hours.

2018 Editions                                                                                    

January, 2018         January 19, 2018           February, 2018            February 16, 2018          March, 2018             March 16, 2018

April, 2018              April 13, 2018               May, 2018                   May 18, 2018                 June, 2018               June 15, 2018

July, 2018               July 13, 2018