Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church of Commerce

Sunday School Information and Class Descriptions

Coffee and breakfast pastries are available each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall prior to Sunday School.

Pre-school and Elementary Class

Our young children’s class focuses on the studies of the Bible using creative concepts and materials to inform and enhance their learning experiences about God, Jesus Christ and our church seasons such as Christmas (Advent), Easter (Lent) and Pentecost. 

Middle School Class

The Middle School Class is taught by Bettina Zvanut. Ages 8 – 14 are welcome. (Actually, we’ll take any age!) In September, 2013, we began a year’s overview of the Bible and are concentrating on the first five books of the Old Testament for the first few Sundays. In addition to Bible study, our class enjoys experimenting with art forms such as stained glass mosaics, African thumb pianos and ceramics. We are also active in mission-giving and have recently raised funds to help schools in Haiti. We have volunteered locally this year by Junior and Senior High Classcreating and tending flower beds at Oak Manor Nursing Home in Commerce. Our class meets in the church library.

The University Class

The University Class was formed in the early 1970’s primarily by church members associated with the University in some way.  Today, individuals from their 40’s to early seventies are in the class and most are not associated with the University.  However, individuals of all ages are welcome. 

The class focuses on Bible Study as set forth in The Present Word Bible Study Service.  Class discussion centers on the Holy Scriptures and the guidance they provide in our daily, contemporary lives.  Class members are heavily involved in other church organizations and activities

Co-Workers Class

Under the leadership of retired history professor Mr. Joe Fred Cox, the Co-Workers Class follows the guided study from The Present Word.  The class meets in the Parlor and welcomes any and all visitors to join them.